Holy Mother said :

"My child, you have been extremely fortunate in getting this human birth. Have intense devotion to God. One must work hard. Can one achieve anything without effort? You must devote some time for prayer even in the midst of the busiest hours of the day.

Do the Master's work, and along with that practise spiritual disciplines too. Work helps one to keep off idle thoughts. If one is without work, such thoughts rush into one's mind."

Other Activities : Spiritual


Temple of Swami Vivekananda
Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is held every year on a convenient Sunday after the actual day according to Hindu Almanac.On this day "Narayan Puja" (Worship of Man as God) in done at the hospital in the morning with garlanding of each patient, offering fruits and Vedic Chanting. There is a small temple dedicated to Swami Vivekananda in our premises, where his relics are stored. On this day a special worship is offered at that temple as well. At noon all staff with their families and Doctors and their families are provided consecrated food.

Laveshwar Shiva temple
Maha Shivratri, an auspicious night especially in Varanasi, is celebrated with worship, vedic chanting and singing of hymns at the Laveshwar Shiva temple in the campus of the Home of Service.

Christmas Eve, also an auspicious occasion in the calendar of the Ramakrishna Order, is celebrated on 24th December each year with decoration of the Photo of Mary and Baby Christ and suitable offering. Christmas Carols are sung and a small discourse in Hindi and Bengali is given about the Birth of Christ and his teachings.

On the behest from the First President of the Ramakrishna Order, Swami Brahmananda, Ramanam Sankirtan (Singing of Hyms to Lord Rama) is held in the central office of the Home of Service on every Ekadasi (eleventh day after every full moon and new moon).




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